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Riviera: A Go-To Vacation spot

Riviera: A Go-To Vacation spot

riviera maya resort vacation

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOME FUN? Riviera Maya is a great choice as a vacation destination.  It is one of the most visited places in the world.  Now find everything that can make your getaway unforgettable, from the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea with its diverse marine life, to their emerald jungles with a variety of birds and rustic ruins of a civilization long gone.  The hospitality of its people and the comfort of the most amazing resorts will make your stay ultra-special.

 So here a few things to do while you stay in the Riviera Maya, these are the things that I personally experienced and so I highly recommend to the visitors:

Mayan Ruins of Chichen-Itza


A must see is the wonderful Mayan Ruins of Chichen-Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Being there will take you to the past and get a real feel for the Mayan culture.  After you visit the ruins you can stop in the colorful town of Valladolid for a great lunch right in the heart of the town.

 water sports


Do you know what a Cenote is? I didn’t until I went Mexico, The Riviera Maya is well known for its hundreds of Cenotes that are 15 to 18m deep, they are underwater rivers that flow through caves that connect to one another and into the sea, making this place a very desirable one for scuba divers, the Cenotes will for sure make their diving more adventurous and exciting.  And depending on the season you can see a great amount of marine life that also makes snorkeling a sport of choice.

tulum - eco friendly town


An Eco-friendly town, with the most amazing beaches, white sand, and clear blue water, with an amazing little restaurant with the rustic chic vibe. It is a great getaway for a couple as the set-up is very romantic and feels private.


This is another great attraction in the Riviera Maya the famous Cirque du Soleil that set their tents about 6 months ago and is a tourist attraction with their JOYA show, you can enjoy the full experience of a dinner, show in a beautiful resort.  Inspired by the fabulous migratory journey of the monarch butterfly, where life is passed on from one generation to the next to perpetuate the love of life. The whole theater, including its dinner experience, is devoted to invoke your senses.


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