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Here's what you must have when you hit the beach

Here's what you must have when you hit the beach

pack your beach bag right way

With the weekend right around the corner, it is time to unravel yourself, get tanned, laugh out loud and create memories. Beach is a favorite destination of most of the people who wants to chill out near the shores, dip themselves in water, play some games with friends & family and sometimes just walk around feeling the breeze and looking at the tides and sea.

So, are you ready to pack your beach bag and GET SET BEACH? Beaches are mesmerizing and we can go for a few hours and end up being there for an entire day. No matter how much time you plan to spend on the beach, keeping your beach bag ready is an indispensable need. So read on to know what to pack in a beach bag, so that you have a pleasant time.

But before we start, we must know that Picking up the right bag is really important.

Picking up the right bag

  • So while you pick a bag to hit the beach, make sure the bag is of a medium size (Not too small to be stuffed with goods in an unorganized way and not too big to be looked upon like a luggage) and with more compartments and pockets so that everything is organized well and it’s easy for you to reach and find stuffs from the bag.
  • Don’t carry your designer bag to the beach. With all the seawater and sand, your expensive bag is likely to go a bit dull and most likely ruined.

Once you have picked the right beach bag, pack the right stuff into it.

The skincare essentials-

Spending your day on the beach can surely get you tanned. But don’t let the fear of getting sunburn spoil your day at the beach. Make sure you carry your must haves skin care essentials along when you hit the beach, which will not only take care of the tanning but will also keep your skin moisturized. Don’t forget to pack them in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t spoil other stuffs in a case of a leak or crack.

The skincare essentials

  • Carry a sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher and worry less about sun damage. When it comes to picking a sunscreen, I would highly recommend “super stick solitaire” from Sisley. It will not only protect your skin from the sun burn but will also give you a nice color, covering all spots and making your feel natural.
    Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen about 30 minutes before your body is exposed to the sun and reapplied every couple hours.  And remember that when it comes to sunscreen, expiration dates really do matter. The active ingredients in sunscreen can deteriorate over time, which means the protection won’t be as effective.
  • Looking forward to make your lips look more kissable, pouty and glossy while you are at the beach? A lipbalm which has SPF and protects your lips from the sun is a must have. I would nominate “Bobbi brown treatment lipshine SPF 15” which nourishes and shields my lips when I am at the beach
  • Carry a good pair of sunnies which are wide enough to cover your eyes well and provide a good eye protection. Don’t carry an expensive pair which might break or get scratched at its lens while you are having fun at the beach.
  • If you want to hit the beach in style, Buy hair sprays that will define your look the way you want. I would recommend “Bumbles surf spray” as a promising choice. It would give you a good makeover by converting your stick-straight strands into bouncy waves. Just put the product on your finger tips and work into the pieces that need extra definition.
  • This is definitely my must have I can't live without my Charlotte Tilbury "Beach Stick" Moon Beach, it's this amazing stick that can take you to bronze-goddess status with only a few swipes, just run it around your cheeks, tip of your nose, centre of your lips, on the top of your eyebrows and blend it with your fingers, and Voile that beachy glow will just pop and make you look as fresh as a 5 years old.


Regulate your water levels well

Carry plenty of water when you hit the beach. Our body needs more amount of water while we are under the scorching heat than our regular days. Water is definitely a must have for my beach bag and at all times, it keeps you hydrated and helps you flush out toxins of your body plus have zero calories.  My new water obsession is Core, which is not only a fun looking bottle of water, but is also easy to drink, full of electrolytes and minerals, that works perfectly with your body's natural PH balance.

Carry snacks, mats, first aid and games.

Carry small portions of fruits, nutrition bars, sandwiches and snacks in your beach bag. Of course, there will be eateries there, but sometimes snacking sudden hunger really helps. Beach mats are essential so that you can relax on the mats by not getting the sand all over your body.
Always keep your first aid along when it’s a beach or any destination where you plan to go.
Also, carry a few favorite games that you can play with your loved ones near the shores. Don’t forget to carry beach toys, spade, and a small bucket if you are going along with children. Let them built the castles of the dream while you relax and unwind at the beach.

 Clothing’s and cover ups

When you decide to spend your day at the beach, we must go prepared. We must carry every necessary clothing that will make our day out warm, comfortable and enjoyable.

Clothing’s and cover ups

  • An essential need is to carry your swimwear along. Now hit the cold waves in style and comfort. Drape yourself up with the Olaya beachwear collectionwhich is a plush swimwear you would want to flaunt your curves in.
  • After hitting the cold waves, you will surely want to dry yourself up. So don’t forget to carry your towel along with you when you hit the beach.
  • Carry some extra change clothes, which you may need if you want to get off the sand and feel fresh again. Carry your jacket or shawl if you are hitting the beach in the cold season.
  • Carry your hat that will protect you from the sun and will not let the heat stop you from having all the fun.
  • Don’t forget to add a beach slipper to your beach bag.

 Apart from the above ‘must haves’ you can always carry things you want. It can be your headphones, Bluetooth speakers, a good book to indulge in, a football to play with, a beach chair to relax on, dry ice so that your cold beer doesn’t warm up, a camera to capture beautiful remembrance and a lot more. If you have a pet and you are planning to get it along don’t forget to pack pet essentials like the pet food, Frisbees and other pet games, pet jackets and clothes, its leash, etc..

Let us know the unique stuff that you would carry along with yourself at a beach in the comments section below. And while you are ready to hit the beach with your beach bag packed with the right stuff, don’t forget to create beautiful memories.




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