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Staying Fit from anywhere!

Staying Fit from anywhere!


We all have busy schedules to deal with our everyday life and keeping a track on our fitness can really become challenging. The quality of nutrition we intake on a daily basis may not be good enough to keep our fitness in check. To stay fit, we take small steps like keeping our body hydrated, checking on the nutrition charts on food packs, choosing a healthier alternative to sugar, etc. But being fit doesn’t only need a good check on the diet, but would also need some physical activity to balance it up.

Being someone who travels a lot and someone with a very busy schedule, I hardly get the time to hit the gym. I am someone who is dedicated to being fit and I believe that being fit isn’t only about showing others how you look, it is about feeling good about yourself. But sometimes, my schedule is so tight that I end up striking off the gym from my ‘TO-DO’ list and there is nothing really I can do about it. But does that mean, NO gym is NO workout? Obviously Not. Now with technology raising new benchmarks every day, we can work out from anywhere we want to. That is my prime purpose of writing this blog.

With only two and a half months to go till the end of the year, and already dreaming of Mexico as my destination of choice, I’ve decided to get my body bikini ready and will share with you some of my tips to accomplish that.


As long as you have access to the internet and you own a device to use it, you can turn any space in your house (or even your workplace) into a gym. There are a lot of websites and YouTube channels that are rolling out fitness related videos and information on a daily basis so that you can access it from any corner of the world and stay fit.

I would love to share this amazing website that I have come across which has the best workout routines for anything that you may need. The best part is it is free. Check it out and get the best work out from the comfort of your home, but remember to mix it up, challenge your muscles and that will improve your total fitness and keep you excited. 

Another interesting app that I have come across which you can download on your device is ‘My fitness pal’. This is an amazing application that helps you to know exactly how many calories you have consumed and how many have you burnt. Knowing this helps me keep a track on my nutrition intake and makes me follow a more disciplined and healthy living. It signals me when I over eat or eat wrong so  that I stay within the borders of healthy eating which also motivates me to workout to shed a few calories.

So now healthy life is not just an option, it is an exciting choice. But no matter what we do, our goal is to stay healthy and keep a balanced organic diet.




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