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Clio attends… REVERSE RETT LA

Clio attends… REVERSE RETT LA

Before we head towards the events details, let us know what Rett syndrome is.

What is Rett syndrome?
Rett syndrome has turned out to be a major concern among a lot of people. It is caused by neurological disorder which is lifelong and is caused by arbitrary mutation in gene called MECP2. It is mainly diagnosed in girls and the symptoms of the same mostly occurs during toddler hood. Many children suffering from Rett is unable to walk, speak or move their hands. Often children with Rett commonly face breathing problem, feeding tubes, anxiety, seizures, gastrointestinal and orthopaedic issues. Reverse Rett Organization believes that it can be cured by taking the right measures.

In this photo from left: Jason Rem Director of There is Hope Documentary, our Head Designer Clio Olaya, Elliot Mintz media Consultant and Linda Collins.

Our designer Clio Olaya was invited to attend the charity gala for Reverse
Rett syndrome, a heart touching evening to benefit the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Being a part and collaborating in such events can make a major difference in advancing the research that is leading to treatments and ultimately providing a cure for the 350,000 girls and women who struggle every moment of every day with Rett Syndrome. As a human being, we all should contribute in whatever way possible in such causes which will impact the lives of many.

The event was held at the SLS HOTEL in Los Angeles, and featured cocktails,
hors d’oeuvres, auction and more. We were so happy to know that so many people are involved in the cause and was a part of this event. For us, it was a gratifying moment to see the generosity of the people and that everyone is ready to contribute in whatever way possible to make world a better place for all those who are suffering from Rett.

I would like to thank my wonderful friend, Linda Collins producer of Rett Documentary There is Hope and RSRT Consultant Advisor for making me a part of this change!

Getting to know the stories of little Hannah, Sadie, Ana, Lilia,
Gisele and many other innocent angels was a great wake up call to know
that to make this society a better place we also need to remember that
there is always something we can do to help others and that it can mean the world to them. A little effort from each person can get a great change in lives of those innocent children.

100% of the donations will be destined to continue research for a cure to
reverse this devastating syndrome.


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