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8 Quick Tips That Will Get You Bikini Ready

8 Quick Tips That Will Get You Bikini Ready

8 bikini tips

Never feel bikini ready? Here are a few tips that will make you want to hit the beach right now!

 No matter how many work-outs you have had in your gym or how curvy your body is, wearing your favorite bikini can really get nerve wracking if you are not confident. But don’t worry, you are not the only one in the crowd. So here are a few quick tips that will help you get bikini ready for the next summer holidays!

1. Small Goals

     I have often come across people who establish big goals at the very beginning and then are unable to fulfil it. If you have a big goal to achieve in the long run, be easy to yourself! Break it down into smaller achievable goals that would be more realistic and easy to accomplish. To start, you can dedicate 15 mins of your time to work on your abs, tone your legs or improve any part of your body. And with time you can keep increasing your time.

    2. Drink Up

    drink tips at beach

    It sounds counterintuitive, but providing your body with extra hydration will keep your bloat at bay and counteract any salty foods that you might have eaten. Obviously, it may not help you in losing weight directly, but it will decrease your appetite which will help you from not over eating or eating wrong!

    3. Love Yourself

      love yourself

      There is truly no better love than self-love. It sounds weird, but it works! It is always advisable to make some peace with the mirror and see your reflection change. What people commonly do is that they look at themselves and complain about the things they don’t like.  Negativity is our worst enemy.  Learn to love and appreciate yourself.

      Take five minutes of your day to stand in front of the mirror and pick out things you like about your body. Loving yourself if the key!

      4. Walk the Walk (Seriously!)

        If you are really dreading to go on a vacation either with your special someone or your friends, and you intend to wear your bikini then you should take walking seriously. Walk around your apartment in your bikini so that you get used to carrying your bikini well. Get that extra confidence, put some music on and see what your body looks and feels with less clothing.  Once you start loving yourself, others will surely follow.

        5. Get your (faux) tan on)

        Get your tan on

        We’re not telling you to bake yourself under the sun (it may cause skin cancer), but treating yourself to a spray tan at home will instantly create the illusion of a slimmer figure.  Also, tanned skin hides a lot of imperfections. They say everything is better in a golden shade. Get that bronze goddess look at home with one of our favorite Vita Liberata Phenomenal which leaves around 2-3 days tan.

        6. Exfoliate


        Treating your skin to a little bit of exfoliation will result in a glowy baby-soft skin that will make you feel more comfortable in a bikini. You can try the coffee scrubs for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as improving circulation that helps to smooth skin to its best.

        7. Shop for different swimsuit styles

        swimsuit styles

        Every bikini is made differently for different kind of people. Make sure that next time you buy a bikini, it fits your body type or you may end up hating it. So it is always advisable to head to the stores and try out different cuts and styles. Sometimes the coverage level of your top or the rise in your bottoms is all it takes to make your body look perfect in your kind of bikini.

        8. Posture is everything

        Posture makes all the difference. If you only have five seconds to make yourself feel confident enough to put on a bikini, standing up a little straighter will instantly visually slim you down. Not only that, but you’ll appear (and therefore feel!) more confident.

        Got more tips to add? Leave your quick tip in the comment section below!



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