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5 Ways to take care of your luxurious swimwear!

5 Ways to take care of your luxurious swimwear!

Taking care of your luxurious swimwear is an indispensable need after wearing it.  Given the right amount of care, these products last longer. Happy surfing!

take care of luxurious swimwear

Start from the basics:

applying sunscreen lotion

Purchased a sunscreen that isn't oil based such as Heliocare 360. This provides protection from UVA and UVB, but without an oily texture. Sunscreens that are

oil based can increase the risk of having your

swimwear stained especially at the edges near your skin. Heliocare 360 the staining is less likely to occur due to the oil free factor but we still recommend applying it cautiously around the body.

 Is your swimwear tanning more than you do?

taking care of swimwear tanning

Leaving your swimwear to dry in the sun is not a good idea because it will speed up discoloration of the fabrics. At Olayabeach, we spend quite some time to pick vibrant colors fabrics for our designs and these are best maintain when dry flat and inside. Do not let your favorite bikini tan more than you do!

Rinse them out

rinse your swimwear

Got a pool/beach day out? After it ends, make sure you wash your swimwear, rinse it out under a cold water to remove any chlorine from the pool or salt water from the sea, which tarnishes luxe fabrics. Do not wrinkle your Olayabeach piece, treat them as gentle as you can, that will help your swimwear to be ready for your next trip!

A little hand washing never hurt anyone!

dry your swimwear naturally

Our beautiful Italian fabrics are very delicate and so we do insist that these should be hand washed in cool water, rather than in a washing machine. Also, avoid tumble dryers at ALL costs - the heat will cause the elastance of the fabric to melt and for your bottoms to go saggy. Simply leave your bikini hung up to dry naturally.

Soft and Gentle

When hand washing your swimwear in cool water, we would also recommend using a delicate washing detergent. Stronger liquids may damage the fabric, so use with caution, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

luna swimwear

Follow these tips and get beach ready with your favorite Olaya bikini!



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