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At the end of the summer holidays, we still feel fresh and gorgeous with that sexy glow and tan that those sunny days have left on us. But let’s not fool ourselves! Our Golden goddess looking skin will soon fade. So here are a few tips to prolong the tan and keep that summer glow going!


There is a myth that scrubbing your skin may fade away your tan. In reality, it isn’t true. It is said that scrubbing helps you get rid off the dead cells which prevents your tan from looking uneven and patchy. Don’t forget to exfoliate your face too. Some gentle buffing will help give your skin radiance and a youthful finish. I personally like Sisley Gentle Facial Buffing Cream as a product.


Keep it cool and moisturized

I know we all love drenching ourselves in a warm shower, but this is a big mistake when trying to prolong our tan. Warm water dries up the skin and therefore expedites the peeling process. So, it is better to keep your water at a cooler temperature and make sure your skin is well moisturized.
When we talk about moisturizing the skin, I am personally in love with Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion that perfectly moisturizes and smoothens my skin. Another skin care product I am obsessed with is the Laura Mercier body & bath Ambre Vanille soufflé Body Crème. I generally use it as a night cream. It leaves an amazing fragrance on my skin and gives it an instant supple and radiant look.


Personally, I would never expose my face directly to the sun even though I love getting my body tanned, my face is always covered with a small towel (not a very sexy scene though)! In the long run, this has helped me look younger and fresher. But on the other hand, having a white face and a tanned body is not what anyone would like having. That is why one should invest in a good bronzer. A bronzer, as the name suggests gives your skin a natural bronze and glow trying to even up with your body tan.
My personal choice is Soleil Tan De Chanel. The velvety finish of this bronzer leaves your skin with a gorgeous sun-kissed look. You can either apply it directly or mix it up with a foundation of your choice.



Travelling and having a long journey during summer can be joyous yet tiring. But in between all the travelling and fun, we expose ourselves to the scorching heat. It is necessary to keep our water levels under check by drinking a lot of water. Drinking water is not only essential for a good health but will also prevent your skin from drying up. It is said that on an average scale, we must follow the norm of drinking two litres of water in a day.
At Olaya beach headquarters, we follow the norms of keeping our body well hydrated. We prefer drinking Core, a brand which provides a perfect balance of electrolytes and minerals and gives your body the perfect PH. We also love their flavour organic water, full of antioxidants and very fewer calories.

When nothing else works, FAKE IT!

Even after trying hard to make the tan stay on the skin, many of us fail to do so. It is advisable to self-tan yourself then. The only solution to this is to use the variety of sunless and UV-free tan providing brands available in the market. Some of them will certainly get your skin tanned. I usually turn to Vita Liberata Phenomenal Medium as a brand. It does not only last longer than usual brands but also leaves your skin with an amazing natural perfect tan. So now when your tan doesn’t stay long enough, simply top it up!


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